RWX350S – Beyond Risco Dual Tech Outdoor Dector

///RWX350S – Beyond Risco Dual Tech Outdoor Dector

RWX350S – Beyond – Risco’s Dual Tech Outdoor Solar Motion Detector


Risco Group has just recently released a new and interesting product to add in their outdoor detection catalog. The Beyond series of detectors features dual technology sensing capabilities, video verification, and solar panel battery charging capabilities.

Beyond offers a winning combination of dual technology and integrated camera, providing crystal clear visual verification capability via the monitoring station, iRISCO smartphone app or web interface. The wireless model offers flexibility and ease of installation, and chargeable auxiliary solar battery provides extended battery life. These new features enhance Beyond’s unique detection technologies of Sway Recognition™ and Digital Correlation™ which drastically reduce false alarms in outdoor environments.


  • Dual Technology Outdoor Detector (2 ch’s K band, 2 PIR chanels)
    • Sway Recognition – Reduces repeatedly moving items such as tree’s
  • Integrated Hi-Res camera for video verification
  • Included solar panel – provides close to unlimited battery life
  • Can be installed either wired or wireless (where wifi permits)
  • 3 Axis accelerometer –  (detects if sensor is being moved or trying to be sabotaged)


  • Solar Panel – Will help reduce the amount of times the batteries need to be changed.
  • Dual Technology – Increased alarm requirements will reduce false alarms
  • Self Monitoring – Integration with their iRisco smart phone app will allow for self video verification



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