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Who are we?

Silmar Electronics has been in business for over 50 years. Our first branch, and home base is located in Miami, Florida (Doral area – Near Dolphin Mall). From this location we house all of our Miami sales as well as our International Office. Not only does this serve as our home base for 2 of our most popular branches, it also acts our central hub. From this central location we are able to push product to any of our branches  up to the Carolina’s and anywhere in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Excerpt from SilmarElectronics.com:

Silmar Electronics was founded in 1963 by father, Jorge M. Smith, an electronics engineer, who immigrated to Miami from Cuba in 1960.  When he first established the business, his primary focus was the manufacturing of eavesdropping devices, however, when the privacy laws of 1968 were enacted, he immediately changed the direction of the company and became a wholesale distributor and installer of low voltage equipment.  In 1974, the installation division was eliminated and the business was dedicated exclusively to wholesale distribution.

Today, Silmar Electronics is one of the largest independent equipment distributors for security systems, fire alarms, CCTV, access control, home automation, and sound and A/V systems in the United States.   Headquartered in Miami with six additional locations throughout Florida and two branches in South Carolina, we have the product and resources you need to make that next job happen.

What is SilmarIT.com?

SilmarIT.com in its most infant form was the brainchild of Marcel Van Brackel , our projects department manager. The goal of the original website was for it to be a repository for our customers. Unfortunately customers were only able to find PDFs, storage calculators,  and random sales flyers.  After many many years of inactivity the website was purged from our servers and vanished from the public eye.

The most current version of SilmarIT.com is being produced to add another level of service to our customers and those in the industry. Ideally the goal is to provide you with industry news, new products, tutorials, webinars, and other features.

  • Our news section will feature new products and changes in the industry.
    • Information will be broken into sections for ease of use
      • Access Control, Burglary, CCTV, Fire, Network Infrastructure
  • The learning center will house our tutorials as well as training courses. Training courses will offer additional training from beginning to the more advanced user ( signup required).
  • Reviews – We will also be reviewing products as they become available to us.

Our Goal

Our goal is short and simple. Our goal is to provide you, the visitor, with more industry specific information in hopes of helping you make a more informed decision.